BSLE Sunrise and Celia incident in Saler (Valencia) OCT. 2012


The Sunrise BSLE aground on the beach of Saler on the morning of 9/29/2012, loaded with steel pipes and some 120 tons of fuel, owned by the Public Maritime shipping Jutha (Bangkok Thailand)

Operations to put it back in the sea to the two ships begin 30/09/2012 and are addressed differently by each company, the first attempts involve face to BSLE Sunrise sea with the help of SAR Punta Mayor, while that nothing is done with Celia, waiting for the tug Med Fos Gibraltar, in the video you can see what happened on the first day, ending with the heading to sea of the BSLE  Sunrise

The Salvamar Pollux, collaborating in the work of both boats refloating

The grounding and subsequent REFLOATING of the two vessels.

The Celia aground on the beach of Saler on the morning of 9/29/2012 circumstances earlier joined as a forced marriage, for a month stay in the same place separated by only a few meters, loaded and empty containers about 60 tons of fuel, owned by the shipping company Intership Werwaltungs (Ems, Germany)

1) Antecendents

The mooring:

It is usual practice in Valencia, freighters and other cargo ships anchor in the vicinity of the harbor off the beaches of Saler while awaiting loading or unloading goods, high prices of moor in port make this practice very common, particularly in this video show freighters anchored near the port, including this Celia, a few months before the incident occurred.

El Saler:

The beaches and dunes are an important part of Saler Natural Park of Albufera, is a very delicate ecosystem, both being deeply affected by the work of refloating the two vessels as the influx of people trampled all vegetation and in 'm very poor result being massive replanting necessary to solve the problem.

The action of the propeller to generate current Sunrise BSLE wiped out much of the beach.

In this video we can see the same area as it was before the incident occurred.


Was adequately provided for meteo services  indeed Naval Command send relevant reporting through the bulletins are issued periodically and are mandatory listening for all those vessels that are at sea, either anchored or sailing .

But for whatever reason is not some boats sailed by mechanical failure or lack the necessary staff machines.

In the video the boats stranded on the morning after the storm had wind gusts over 50 knots.

3) The refloating of the Celia and the BSLE SUNRISE

Operations continue for four days, and the situation remains the same boat, so it was decided (by the Celia) use a small sand dredger to clear a path to the sea for the boat.

In the video you can see the whole process of bringing in to water  the dredge, including problems with his own 14-meter trailer carrying the dredge and that was also trapped by the sand, requiring the use of another vehicle for release

On 10.03.2012, the Celia has a small sand dredger and tug Med Fos, the BSLE Sunrise has three tugs  SAR Mesana, Sar Marta Mata, and Sar Punta Mayor  suffering a small collision between two of them and a broken steel cable drag.

In the video you can see both incidents, the situation is the same , despite press reports Sunrise BSLE movement, the only certainty is that the disappearance of the beach due to the action of the propeller, suggested to some that he had moved.

4-10-2012 After almost a week sent divers to check the condition of the hull and its settlement at the bottom of the beach to explore the best option to raise, is shown in the video air assets that have visited the ship during these days.

No activity until the arrival of a dredge would never come to Cadiz, but in neighboring Sagunto. Several visitors among which is a newly married couple who took pictures next to the boats.

Continuing the work of refloating of Celia and BSLE Sunrise, following the agreed procedure are two dredges, Ardenza and Los Olivillos the area draining to a channel that allows the refloating of ships, which tried DM next week with the help of the North Wind (12-10-2012)

According to some reports have been removed from the beach area of Saler until today (15-10-2012) more than 10,000 cubic meters of sand along with the work of refloating the "Celia" and "BSLE Sunrise", is expected to be soon proceed to a new attempt to refloat the boat.

17/10/2012 joined The two new dredgers to work refloating of "Celia" and "BSLE Sunrise", it is "La Isleta" and "Antignano", despite the presence there of the tugboat "Punta Mayor "and other sea rescue more they made no further attempt to tow, were expected to withdraw the 39 thousand cubic meters of sand that calculate technicians for a new attempt.

On18-10-2012 attempt to head Celia with SAR "Punta Mayor" no positive result and the SAR "Mesana" tried to move last minute to "BSLE Sunrise" with no apparent result.

Thanks to tug SAR "Punta Mayor" and the state of the sea at night has gotten head Celia to sea, the SAR "Mesana" still tried moving the "BSLE Sunrise" with no apparent result (19-10-2012)

After another failed attempt to move the "BSLE Sunrise" with tugs "SAR Mesana" and "SAR Punta Mayor " in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the situation is the same vessels remain in the same place at the beginning, but that if it turned out to sea.

The plan is to continue dredging the area until a new attempt to free the two boats towed out to sea.

The Celia free

The "SAR Punta Mayor" gets moved to Celia on the night of Wednesday 24, being open at 00:44 on Thursday 25 October 2012.

Aerial view of the beach of Saler before and last images of Celia (24-10-2012) stranded on the beach.

Celia unpublished images of floating freely in June last unloaded off the port of Valencia.

Time lapse of how they were moving in "Celia" until refloated again. We remain pending further attempt to free the "BSLE Sunrise" next Saturday night (27-10-2012)

All set in the Playa del Saler for another attempt to revive the "BSLE Sunrise" on the evening of Saturday 27 October 2012.

Celia's unpublished images moored in the port of Valencia for the review of his state

Despite the efforts of the tugs "SAR Mesana" and "SAR Punta Mayor" with more than 8,000 horsepower and the use of balances to vary the stability of the ship and all the dredged sand has been impossible to refloat the "Sunrise BSLE "on the night of Saturday 27 and Sunday morning, October 28, 2012.

Probably will proceed to the download of fuel and cargo to lighten the weight and facilitate the raising of the ship.

The Sunrise BSLE free.

Thanks to the efforts of the tugs "SAR Mizzen" and "SAR Punta Mayor" and the sea state "BSLE Sunrise" was refloated at 2:33 am on Thursday, November 1.

The summary video of the entire incident, including the refloating of "Celia" (courtesy of RTVV) and “BSLE Sunrise”

4) summary

This aerial video shows how it looks the beach after the incident, after the recovery work made with the dune.

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